Hello. I'm Jacqueline and I'm a Canadian designer, business woman, crafty lady and mom. I'm also the home owner (along with my husband and young son :-) of a fixer upper in Vancouver. All those things provide me with never ending opportunities and need to design and create fun & beautiful things.


Oy. We bought a real fixer upper in the heart of Vancouver and we love it. Just this year, we finally started our second floor addition (restoration really) that spread little by little to the main floor and basement. But even pre-reno, I'm always looking for ways to make the home more organized, pretty, and functional.


This grew out of the parties I've put on for my little one and other parents would tell me I should do these party decor kits for others. They turned out to be a lot of fun to imagine and design. Check out my full shop here.


You'll find everything from nursery projects, halloween custumes, party decorations and just general fun stuff here. Where I can, I've provided instructions on some of my DIYs and would love to hear how your take on a project goes.

Graphic Design.

I'm lucky enough to get to do all this for a living! I'm a graphic designer working with big and small business to create branding, through print, packaging, and web graphics. Check out my portfolio site here.